Feuilleton Edicola Spoleto, ‘I Will Bear Witness, Piggy-backing from the Edicola’ (2 July–31 August 2021), curated by Jo Melvin in Spoleto, with associated ‘echoes’ at MACRO, Rome (6–7 July 2021) and in the Edicola, Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome (7–9 July 2021).


“A disused newsstand at a crossroads in Spoleto’s old town, becomes a platform for new interpretations of the feuilleton, with palimpsestic echoes at MACRO and in the Edicola, Santa Maria in Tra- stevere, curated by Vittoria Bonifati. Fe aturing clusters of artists, using sound, performance, installations, books, posters, videos and ephemeral traces, for the occasion many devise new projects. The strategic use of the ‘feuilleton’ is an unexpected insertion within journals or magazines. It’s a form of piggy-backing an existing distribution network. Known as the ‘feuilleton’ it comes from French newspapers, popularised by the symbo lists and re-activated by so-called con-ceptual artists in the 1960s and 1970s. Sly political, sociological commentaries are wake up calls for attention whether they are subtle, playful, profound or hybrid mixtures.

Art & Language, Federico Antonini, Kate Atkin, Sophie Bouvier-Ausländer, Riccardo Baruzzi, Anne Bean, Elena Marie Becker, Gene Beery, Elisabetta Benassi, Ruth Beraha, Andrew Bick, Simon & Tom Bloor, Alighiero Boetti, Johanna Bolton, Gavin Bryars, Daniel Buren, Stefano Calligaro, Elisa Cappelli, John Carson, Victor Cavalló, James Cave, Anne-James Chaton, Adelaide Cioni, Alessandro Cicoria, Giulia Crispiani, Jeremy Deller, Fortunato Depero, A K Dolven, Allison Grimald Donahue, Peter Downsborough, Isabella Ducrot, Alberto Di Fabio, Alec Finlay, Barry Flanagan, Jeff Gibbons, Fabio Giorgi Alberti, John Giorno, Joschi Herczeg, Lucy Heyward, Michele Horrigan, John Hussain Flindt, Jeffrey Isaac, Emilio Isgrò, Michael Iveson, Olga Jevric´, Pauline Julier, Conor Kelly, Yves Klein, Christine Kozlov, John Latham, Sol LeWitt, Richard Long, Claudia Losi, Eleonora Luccarini, Sean Lynch, Juan Pablo Macias, Renato Mambor, Piero Manzoni, Cristiana Marcinelli, Gabriele Di Matteo, Giuseppe De Mattia, Fabio Mauri, Jeremy Millar, Charlotte Moth, James Nares, Gastone Novelli, Olu David Ogunnaike, Roman Opalka, Giorgio Orbi, Mattia Pajè, Giulio Paolini, Janet Passehl, Andrea Pazienza, Lamberto Pignotti, Beniamino Placido, Cloti Ricciardi, David Rickard, Tim O’Riley, Mimmo Rotella, Juan Sandoval, Claudio Scalise, Mario Schifano, Eiko Soga, Lewis Stein, Stacy Szymaszek, Anne Tallentire, Dragoljub Raša Todosijevic, Claudia de la Torre, David Tremlett, Franco Troiani, Juha Van Ingen, Luigi Veronesi, Francesco Vezzoli, Luca Vitone & Rachel Whiteread.”

Endlessnes (bookwork) Eindhoven: Peter Foolen Editions.


of average sunlight ('Tailspin' – bookwork), National Poetry Library, Royal Festival Hall, London, UK.


Deep Highly Eccentric, Winchester Gallery, Winchester, UK.


against Nature, Camberwell Space, London, UK.


Twenty-Seven Kilometres (bookwork) Berlin: Revolver Publishing.


, Chelsea Futurespace, London.
A Farmer’s Almanac (bookwork), London: Ponsonby Press.


Book Works and Speculative Objects, Chelsea College of Art
and Design Library, London.

Accidental Journey (bookwork), London: Ponsonby Press.



Pontos de contato,
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do

Sul Instituto de Artes, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

AMI (screening), Mullard Radio Observatory, Cambridge.

Wands, The Museum of ‘Pataphysics, London.
Paramours, Art 45, Biennale de Lyon, Lyon.

Do Something, floating IP, Manchester.
Now Showing III, Houldsworth, London.

Precise Modern Order, Rubicon Gallery, Dublin.
Now Showing II, Houldsworth, London.

Signatures of the Invisible (Group exhibition of artworks made
in response to research at CERN, The European Laboratory
for Particle Physics, Geneva), PS1, New York; Fundação
Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon; Centre d’Art Contemporain,
Geneva; Complesso del Vittoriano, Rome; Atlantis Gallery, London.
Three Places at Once, Galerie Olivier Houg, Lyon (solo).
Contents, Briggs Robinson Gallery, New York.
Head On: Art with the Brain in Mind, Science Museum, London.

Flipside, Houldsworth, London (solo).


, Houldsworth, London.

Big small new, Houldsworth, London.
Still, Houldsworth, London.
Computers and Printmaking, Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery.

John Moores 20th Exhibition, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

Log, Adam Gallery London.
As far as the eye can see, Diorama, London.
Transformations, Arthouse, Dublin.